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Wastewater Facilities
  • Wastewater treatment and disposal for small & large community systems
  • Industrial wastewater treatment disposal and reuse
  • Wastewater drip and spray irrigation
  • Alternative and experimental wastewater treatment and disposal
  • De-nitrification system design for on-lot disposal systems
  • Wastewater system operations and maintenance
  • Wastewater pumping, collection, and conveyance facilities design and permitting
  • Wastewater discharge and nutrient loading modeling
  • Wastewater operations and maintenance contracting
  • Permitting of zero discharge systems including composting toilets and holding tanks
  • Application engineering for EnviorServerTM small flow treatment facility technology
Water Supply
  • Public/Community well water supply investigation and development
  • Water treatment pumping, storage, and distribution
  • Construction management
  • Contract water system operations and maintenance
  • Pollutant fate and transport analysis
Stormwater Design and Permitting
  • Soil analysis and infiltration testing for stormwater management facilities
  • Anti-degradation analysis and modeling for High Quality and Exceptional Value Streams
  • Stormwater analysis and design for Low Impact Development
  • Best Management Practice/NPDES design and permitting
Geological and Environmental Services
  • Geologic and hydrogeologic reports for water and supply and groundwater availability analysis
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Hydrogeologic studies
  • Aquifer response/pump testing
  • Well siting and design
  • Wellhead protection analysis
  • Water quality analysis
  • Soils testing and investigation for on-lot sewage disposal systems
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Site characterization and remediation
  • Carbonate geology assessment and hazard mitigation
  • Property transaction due-diligence services and site investigations
  • Soil Properties evaluation
  • Foundation design
  • Retaining wall design
  • Cut / Fill slope design
  • Pavement analysis and design
Act 537 Sewage Planning
  • Sewage planning exemption preparation
  • Non-building declaration and sewage planning waiver preparation
  • Component 1 and 2 sewage facilities planning for the following on-lot sewer systems:
  • Conventional on-lot systems
  • Alternate on-lot systems including drip and spray irrigation
  • Composting toilets
  • Strong waste holding tanks
  • Component 3 sewage facilities planning for public sewer projects
  • Component 3's sewage facilities planning for the EnviorServerTM small flow treatment facility technology
  • Act 537 Base Plan preparation
Nutrient Management
  • Development, trading, sales, and management of nitrogen and phosphorous nutrient credits per Chesapeake Bay Tributary Strategy requirements
  • Nutrient credit analysis for the development of nutrient credits
  • Project specific nutrient credit analysis and nutrient reduction planning
  • Evaluation, assessment, and securing nutrient offsets
  • Engineering and technical support for CAFO permitting & CAFO Stormwater
  • Comprehensive nutrient management planning
  • Manure brokering, hauling, and land application planning
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