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Mavickar Environmental Consultants are the environmental engineers responsible for the successful demonstration of the FracPure Process to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  FracPure is a physical/chemical and biological treatment process that solves the environmental problem of hydraulic fracturing wastewater with complete frac wastewater treatment and full beneficial reuse.  The demonstration project was completed in January of 2010 in Southwest, Pennsylvania, establishing the FracPure Process as the only regulatory frac wastewater treatment process with complete recycle.  DEP’s Deputy Secretary for Water and Management, John T. Hines, explained, “FracPure is the first frac wastewater treatment system that has been successfully demonstrated for the full and complete treatment of Marcellus Shale frac wastewater.”

In February of 2012, Dr. Hugh V. Archer, President of Mavickar Environmental, was named 
                           2012 Engineer of the Year
by the Central Pennsylvania Engineering Societies.  Dr. Archer has also recently been elevated to the position of Fellow by the American Society of Civil Engineers [F. ASCE]

MAVICKAR Environmental Consultants
5925 Stevenson Ave, Suite A
Harrisburg, PA 17112

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