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Mavickar Environmental Consultants (MEC) was founded in 1999 and is an environmental engineering firm specializing in providing industrial, agricultural, municipal and land development clients with comprehensive environmental engineering support in developing and implementing strategic environmental management systems, compliance assurance audits and regulatory compliance programs.

Business and government, the primary providers of society’s goods and services, are today being forced to re-examine and proactively respond to the issue of sustainability of our economic growth.  Due to the ever-increasing demands being placed on our fixed, non-renewable environmental resources, cost effective and efficient waste minimization and reuse, and the financial liabilities associated with continuing past toxic waste disposal practices, are forcing a new environmental paradigm.  MEC’s knowledge and experience with the constantly evolving regulatory requirements, in addition to our unmatched expertise in developing innovative solutions to difficult compliance problems, make us uniquely qualified for defining the environmental regulatory requirements applicable to your specific operation or project, and for securing timely permitting and planning approvals.

MEC has a clear commitment to providing its clients/partners with dynamic, innovative solutions to complex environmental problems.  We will work with you in crafting, implementing and maintaining your environmental programs to ensure that your compliance costs and environmental liabilities are minimized, while maintaining environmental quality.

Mavickar Environmental Consultants
5925 Stevenson Ave, Suite A
Harrisburg, PA 17112

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